More about us

We are a branding and graphic design studio. A team specialized in the creation of brand identity and design of visual systems that communicate the essence of each project.

Our branding and graphic design services include: creation and design of brand identity, web design and development, naming, creative concept development for communications, editorial design, graphic design for printing materials, content design for social media, art direction and brand consulting.

We believe that every form has a substance, so we work from the core of each project, understanding the context and bringing all the key elements to the present situation. We immerse ourselves in the narrative and synthesize it in order to tell a clear story with real meaning. We create strategic concepts and design visual tools prioritizing business value, market changes and trends; always taking care to preserve originality.

Our inspiration comes from the importance we give to identity. From knowing that the essence of any identity, represented by its name and properties, is unique. From this idea emerges our denial of the alias, since aliases interfere with authenticity. A journey with Not Alias_ is an adventure to discover your true identity, as well as a challenge to understand your role in society and your potential to contribute to its improvement.